White House Nih Trump Impeachment An Dodal (Boycott )Lai. US Nih China Hrem.

The White House nih cun, President Trump Impeachment inquiry an buaipi lio mi cu,dodal ani timh ve cang. Democratic leader hna nih inquiry cu an dodal ding a silo tiin ca an kuat hna i, sihmanhsehlaw, “baseless” & “constitutionally invalid ” tiin an leh hna .The Trump administration in the US Ambassador to the European Union,Democrats hna nih bia hal an duh hna zongah, an rak rat ve an duh lo ti si.

( White House counsel Pat cipollone addressed the eight -page letter to the leading Democrat and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and the three Chairman of the Democratic Committee )White House counsel pat cipollone nih cun, Democrats hna cu, 2016 lio i Election cu, thlakthleng dingin ani timh tiah a puh hna i, American mipi nih thim mi a si ruangah,President Trump le administration hna cu, inquiry nan laknak ah hin, a rak langkho lai lo ti si.
Nancy Pelosi zong nih “Mr.President ,you are not above the law. You will be held accountable “a ti ve cang.

China nih Muslim hna a tuahto ning hna ah, US a lung a awi lo ti si. Uighur muslim hna hi, China nih cun, an nu le pa hna sin in, hngakchia hna cu a lakpiak hna i, a cheu cu an taksa te hna an zawrh i, Organs harvesting konglam te hna cu, UN General Assembly ah khan an aupi len cang. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo zong nih a rak sik bal cang cang fawn hna . US nih 28 Chinese organisation cu blacklist ah an chiah hna .

Chinese Goverment le Communist party officials, ah visa restrictions an tuah cawlh hna . Human Right Groups le the UN nih Xinjiang ,far west i Uighurs hna, hmun dang i an chiah mi hna hi, an lung nuam lo ngai ngai ti si. a sinain China nih cun vocational training centres “an kan pek tiin a chim ve.Who are the Uighurs ?

Uighurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims.They make up about 45% of the Xinjiang region’s population, 40% are Han Chinese . China re-established control in 1949 after crushing short-lived state of East Turkestan )

Source Internationalnews & Politic

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